Alumni Association
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Our state-of-the-art school facility boasts a warm and inviting Alumni Room.  BSL welcomes alumni to set up “meet & greet” events with other alumni from the various graduation years.  We would also like to invite the formation of reunions to be held at the new facility as well.  If you would like to initiate such events with fellow graduates, please contact Jackie Hail at (205) 322-6122 or Jackie Hail.

BSL is expanding our Alumni Association to all corners of the State of Alabama. With the school’s 102nd birthday approaching, we feel it is important to ask our students who will be graduating soon and all of our past graduates to become part of an organization that helps to make the community aware of our fine legal education, our beautiful facility, and the legacy our school has created over the past 100+ years. That legacy includes helping future generations of students through tax-deductible scholarships.

Please become part of this vibrant organization!